Toy Story 3 - RexWe’ve all grown up with Toy Story. It’s a timeless story we can all relate to and no matter how young or old you were when you saw the first film it was a masterpiece of emotional storytelling, and a seminal moment in cinematic animation. It was funny, warming to the heart and holds up today better than most films, thanks to the stellar performances from Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and Pixar’s lucky mascot John Ratzenberger.

The second film achieved the impossible, surpassing the original, never resting on its considerable laurels and giving us a wider look at this wonderful world.

We’ve been bombarded with posters and a hilarious teaser trailer for Toy Story 3 in the past few weeks, but this is mere window dressing. It’s time to take our first look at what the film will bring us in July of 2010, and it looks as if Pixar have lost nothing in the decade since the toys were given their last outing. There’s Randy Newman, Andy all grown up and Buzz…well, check it out.

Check it out in HD on Yahoo here.