There’s nothing like sitting down at the end of a long day and switching on the TV so you can enjoy a laugh at one of the best comedy shows of all time. There’s no shortage of American comedies on our screens, but here, we’ve brought you some of the best that you absolutely must make time to watch this year.

Rick and Morty

Rick and MortyIf you like your comedies in animated format, Rick and Morty truly stands out from the crowd. After just two seasons it became a phenomenal pop culture hit thanks to the combination of existential nihilism and science fiction tropes. It may have begun its life as an adult Back to the Future parody, but it has evolved into a show that has adults young and old gripped.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

It’s Always Sunny In PhiladelphiaThis series is truly a modern classic and is getting closer with every episode to breaking the records for history’s longest-running live-action comedy. For 15 years, this sitcom has remained virtually unchanged and continues to deliver time and again thanks to the talent of its writers and its stellar cast including Danny DeVito.


AtlantaIf you like your comedies with the perfect blend of surrealism and gritty realism, Atlanta is sure to tick all your boxes. As you’d expect from an Emmy award-winning series, this comedy is gripping and hilarious in equal measure, offering a colorful and unflinching look into how the lower classes of Atlanta live. With the format and focus changing between episodes and every narrative becoming weirder than the last, it’s no wonder that it’s proved to be such a hit.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Workplace comedies are always popular, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine has something really special to offer. Having premiered in 2013, it was one of the surprise winners in the following year’s Golden Globes and follows the antics of Brooklyn’s department of the NYPD. It’s a major hit not only in the USA but also overseas where countless viewers took to the internet to find out how to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine in their own countries!

Silicon Valley

Silicon ValleyThese days, we’re all about our devices and electronics, so it comes as no surprise that a satire about the boys who work in Northern California’s tech industry has proven to be so popular. Premiered back in 2014, this is one of HBO’s most enjoyable series with a perfect ensemble and amazing character development that has turned this show into a seriously attention-grabbing and quotable TV comedies.

Modern Family

Modern FamilyNow in its 11th season, this hilarious sitcom about a blended family is still an enormous hit with viewers of all ages. The cast has aged along with their characters, and the result is a comedy that resonates with anyone who is part of a family anywhere!

Your Viewing Planned!

These are just some of the best American TV comedies out there for you to choose from. If you’re wondering what to watch tonight when you get home from work, one of these should certainly be on your shortlist!