We’ve been bringing you lots of juicy pics and clips for Tony Scott’s latest, Unstoppable and we also hear that Scott is planning Top Gun 2. Added to that, Collider have news that Scott will also direct Mickey Rourke in an as yet untitled project, previously known as Potzdamer Platz.

Potzdamer Platz as a German train station, however the action now will take place in Puerto Rico. A previous synopsis had the story being about two soldiers in a New Jersey crime family looking to expand internationally, however Collider now give the synopsis as:-

Two Jersey mobsters are sent on a simple mission: send a message to their boss’s rival by wiping out his Puerto Rican compound.  The hit takes on new meaning when they discover a six year old girl in hiding.  Suffering an uncharacteristic bout of conscience, they allow her to live.  All hell breaks loose when the hit men later learn the little girl was the actual target and they were set up to execute a plan of cold-blooded revenge by killing the child of the woman the mob boss once loved.

That’s certainly an enticing sounding synopsis and given his work on Man on Fire, Scott clearly has what it takes to portray the Latin American underworld. Where this might fit into Scott’s schedule is less clear. Although Top Gun 2 will apparently not be his next film, he does still have rumoured connections to adaptations of Mark Millar’s Nemesis, John Grisham’s The Associate and  Sonny Barger’s Hell’s Angels.

Also rumoured to be involved are Javier Bardem and Jason Statham, though only Mickey Rourke is signed on so far. We will bring you more news as we get it.

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