Having delivered two sterling performances as the Kray brothers in Brian Helgeland’s Legend Tom Hardy is stepping back into his gangster garb as Al Capone in a new film from Josh Trank according to Variety.

The new film, entitled Fonzo, takes a look at the declining years of the infamous Capone following his eight year spell in prison for tax evasion. He spent a further eight years suffering from dementia, and it is thought that this film will look at how the aging gangster deals with the disease as ‘harrowing memories of his violent and brutal origins melt into his waking life.’

It’s good to see Trank emerging from the gloom of The Fantastic Four and the baffling Star Wars spin off debacle. Chronicle was a solid film and the much maligned FF film appeared to have seen the director struggling to make a film while under the Damoclesian sword of its studio. His Capone film pairs him up with an actor of supreme talent and should see Trank back on solid ground.