In the most outrageous news of the day, it’s been reported that Tom Cruise has partnered with space guru Elon Musk and his Space X company to work on the first narrative feature film shot in Space.

Although it’s very early days, the film is expected to be an action-adventure. No studio is yet attached to the movie but that surely won’t be a problem depending on whether any insurance company are insane enough to cover it.

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Could this be one mission just too impossible for Cruise to undertake? We all know that Cruise is a stunt junkie, but partaking in his own stunts death-defying stunts such as jumping buildings and braking your ankle for the sake of your art is one thing. Journeying into space for it could be one giant leap for man a bit far-fetched. Watch this space for developing news.

UPDATE: NASA has chimed in…

Cruise will next be seen in the long-awaited sequel ‘Top Gun: Maverick’. His upcoming projects include ‘Mission: Impossible’ 7 and 8.