2015’s Fantastic Four reboot was a complete and utter mess, but one of the biggest disappointments had to be the movie’s depiction of Doctor Doom. One of the most powerful and terrifying villains in comic book history, his third big screen appearance was another huge failure by Fox, a shame considering how great a casting choice Toby Kebbell was.

When we caught up with the actor on the Kong: Skull Island red carpet (more interviews can be found by clicking here), he made it clear that he has no interesting in returning.

“I won’t be in it!” he said of the rumoured Fantastic Four sequel, adding: “Truth is, Doom is an incredible bad guy. They just keep trying to force him into the Fantastic Four. They just need to move it out because he smashes up Thor and Iron Man and they get wasted. Doom is a monster, but my Doom was not, so that is that.” Kebbell is spot on there and a big issue is definitely the fact that he was unnecessarily shoehorned into the team again.

However, it turns out that the British actor would return as Doom under the right circumstances and those unsurprisingly involve Marvel Studios. “Yeah, if they lend him out like a footballer. They do with Spider-Man!” Fox only has so long to sit on the Fantastic Four rights revert, but if that does happen, it won’t be for another couple of Phases, sadly…