Tim RothIt’s always good news when we discuss one of our favourite actors here on HeyUGuys and today Tim Roth revealed that he is meeting with Quentin Tarantino to discuss a role in the director’s next film.

Roth was a  standout in Reservoir Dogs and had an important role in Pulp Fiction but the pair haven’t worked together for a number of years.

Now that the director is basking in the light cast by Uncle Oscar Roth and Tarantino are seemingly planning a big screen reunion.

Although he wouldn’t discuss what the project will be, the actor told Getty Images Entertainment that discussions are underway. Roth was rumoured to be up for the role of Archie Hicox in Inglorious Basterds, however commitments to his TV series Lie to Me allowed Michael Fassbender to steal that particular show.

He explained,

I don’t know (when) but… we were trying to do Inglorious Basterds but I had the TV show in the US that had just kicked in at the point so I couldn’t do it.

It think the schedule would have required me to be away for a long time shooting in Germany so…

I actually saw Quentin the other night and so we’re gonna a meet for a beer now that all the awards season thing has faded away and we can have a serious talk about [his next film].

Tim and Quentin first worked together on Reservoir Dogs in 1992 and haven’t collaborated properly since Pulp Fiction in 1994.

And as we’re talking about the man you’d do well to check out Roth’s 1999 (and to date, sole) directorial effort The War Zone. It’s brutal as Hell, but it shows that the actor is just at home behind the camera.