Zack SnyderA report running on Vulture this evening has set Star Wars shaped hearts aflutter with the news that Zack Snyder is developing a new Star Wars film for Disney. Said to draw heavily on Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai this film will most likely appear after Episode VII is in cinemas and, aside from the few details of its main influence, little else is known.

Keen Star Wars fans will immediately understand why this news has seeped out with the key influence of Seven Samurai named. George Lucas has often spoken of his love of the Kurosawa film and with Disney looking to make good on their investment, and the promised film every two to three years, it makes sense that other Star Wars projects come to light at this time.

Snyder seems to be an unfair target for criticism, often among the fanboy community such as it is. His films are visually stunning almost without exception and the man knows how to shoot an action sequence. His largely misunderstood Sucker Punch drew heavy criticism yet didn’t stop him being handed the keys to the kingdom of Superman; Man of Steel is one of the more widely anticipated movies of this year. The Vulture report offers the detail that this film may run parallel to Episodes VII, VIII & IX and is heavily influenced by Kurosawa’s film.

So more details emerge about Disney’s post Lucas Star Wars world. It seems they are following the model in place for the Marvel Universe, which would have its parallel with Joss Whedon’s S.H.E.I.L.D. series and the often promised Star Wars live action TV series. The film’s development has not been officially confirmed by Disney at the moment, however it has set the touchpaper under a whole host of speculation. I’d look forward to a Je-Samura-di action flick, Would you?