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As The Walking Dead enters its fourth year on the small screen, there are still countless moments that fans of the comic book series (which has now been running for over 115 issues) want to see on the small screen.

The series hasn’t exactly been a faithful adaptation so far in terms of religiously sticking to the source material, but there are still plenty of things from Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard’s Image series which HAVE effectively been brought to television.

Now, if you’re a fan of either the comic books or the TV series, you’ll know that it’s full of shocking and violent moments. For that reason, please be aware that the following list may contain images and details that some readers could find a little upsetting.

It’s also worth noting that there ARE potential spoilers for the TV series ahead, as it’s extremely likely that we’ll see at least some of these suggestions play out in the fourth season. Ready? Here we go…

Tainted Meat


Dale is no longer with us in the TV series, but as Hershel has effectively taken his place, it would be easy for him to be the one instead involved in this rather horrifying scenario.

When Dale goes missing, the survivors go off in search of him. Meanwhile, he wakes up to discover that the men who attacked him – while he was walking through the forest – have removed one of his legs and are now EATING it. That’s right, they’re cannibals…

Unbeknownst to them however, the reason that Dale was in the woods is because he had been bitten by a walker and wanted to go off and die alone…they’re eating “tainted meat”! When Rick and his fellow survivors catch up with these cannibals, they make sure that they won’t be able to ever do this again, taking them out in a suitably gruesome fashion.

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