Two new names have been thrown into the ring for the Paul W. S. Anderson directed Three Musketeers movie, and they join an impressive cast for the 3D adventure.

The rumoured Orlando Bloom has no signed on to play the Duke of Buckingham while Lesbian Vampire Killer James Corden is all aboard to play his servant Planchett, according to Variety.

They join the likes of Christoph Watlz, Logan Lerman, Luke Evans, Matthew MacFayden and Milla Jovovich in the cast, which may also include Juno Temple. I’m personally not moved by the confirmation of Bloom but his swords and moustaches turn in the Caribbean was fine and having James Corden along for the ride will improve things slightly.

While not rebooting Predators writer Alex Litvak wrote the script with venerable adapter Andrew Davies so they’ll have a solid foundation to work with, and no – I don’t expect this film to be up to much based on Anderson’s track record, but with a cast like this he’s got a good a chance as any.