A rumour started doing the rounds last week that Daredevil will premiere on March 25th, the same day that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is being released in cinemas. However, Marvel and Netflix have now confirmed that it will hit the online streaming service the week before, something which actually makes a lot more sense for both this show and that movie.

That’s great and all, but the teaser trailer itself is the most exciting thing here. While it doesn’t actually feature any new footage from season two (that will no doubt come at some point in the next few weeks), it will make you want to go back and rewatch Daredevil!

The biggest tease here is the skull logo which ominously shows up before a hail of bullets at the end of the trailer. That’s obviously a nod to The Punisher, the fan-favourite vigilante (played by Jon Bernthal) who will be going head to head with The Man Without Fear.

That’s going to be an epic confrontation, while the arrival of Elektra in Hell’s Kitchen should also complicate Daredevil’s life in a major way when the show returns to Netflix. So far, season two is shaping up to be amazing anyway, and check back here for the trailer soon!

Daredevil Poster