A few months have passed since the news broke that the well remembered 80s creature feature The Monster Squad was being pulled, kicking and screaming, from the ground and dragged into the 21st Century.

With original producer Rob Cohen making the leap from The Mummy and Fast/Furious franchises back into the world of The Monster Squad behind the camera HeatVision have the news of who will be scripting the film.

Cousins Mark and Brian Gunn have worked together on US TV shows, and recently found their way into the pockets of New Line’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth sequel as well as working on the straight to video Bring it On sequel, so there’s a fair line in working with established material.

There’s no word yet at this early stage which way the wind will blow on this remake – whether it’ll use the bare bones of the original and craft something new and fresh, bringing it up to date, time will tell.