The Lone Ranger UK PosterIt is still hard to know what to expect from The Lone Ranger. A little has been said recently about it actually standing out from the rest of this summer’s blockbuster crowd, with its lack of superhero or sci-fi content and relative reliance on more traditional effects (though it is clearly CG-garnished to the usual degree). Armie Hammer is clearly a convincing screen presence, but is untried and untested at this level. Johnny Depp of course has a long and prosperous history with blockbusters in general and Gore Verbinski in particular but I have a nagging feeling that this one may well suffer (at least commercially) in comparison to other big-budget efforts this summer.

What is clear is that the typically breath-taking sums of money being spent on The Lone Ranger are up there on the screen for all to see – train crashes, exploding bridges, flying/smashing iron-work – in terms of spectacle it will give good value for money. The question is, will the story, the script, and the acting make us care about all the crash, bang wallop? The jury is still out, but as you ponder such things, here are a couple of clips that you can enjoy to your heart’s content. The first, slightly longer clip gives us a bit more from the train crash that has already featured in the trailers we have seen. The second is mostly familiar stuff, frantically edited for all of you ADD-sufferers out there (and making a bit of the whole “Land of the Free” stuff for Independence Day weekend).

The Lone Ranger hits cinemas on 3rd July and about a month later in the UK. Enjoy.

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