Our pal James Kleinmann got to chat with Russell Brand last week for his new movie, Rock of Ages and it turned out to be possibly the best interview I’ve ever seen. Russell plays Lonny in the movie which is out in UK cinemas today but during the interview, goes off on a massive tangent becoming obsessed with James’ t-shirt which has Zod from Superman 2 on it. Brand kicks off the interview by focusing on the t-shirt and goes into a fantastic journey though where the design came from and how he watched the movie when he was a kid. The story ends up coming back to Rock of Ages and a brilliant story that Brand recalls from set working with co-star Alec Baldwin.

He then goes onto talk about how he learnt to sing for the film using the example of how he learnt to sing the phrase ‘blow job’ which is pretty funny in itself. Have a watch of the fantastic interview below and you can see many more interviews with the stars of Rock of Ages on our YouTube channel here.

Please note, this interview contains swearing. Rock of Ages is out in UK cinemas today. ‘Kneel before Zod’ and let’s get #ThunderCupboard trending!