Comedy films are one of the most important genres in the industry. They have the ability to make us laugh, cry and perhaps most importantly take us away from the real world just for a few moments.

It seems a cry few comedies have been given the Best Picture nod at the Oscars. The Favourite, recently missed out, although The Green Book also has plenty of lighter elements amidst the drama.

But what are the comedies that truly made a difference in the world? Which can we look back on and think, that’s a moment in time that is important for the genre?

We take a look at the movies the comedy industry has a lot to be thankful for…


At the time Bridesmaids was a huge step forward for females in comedy. Given the recent allegations made as part of the Me Too movement, that’s only been enhanced further.

Released in 2011 with an all-star female cast, the film broke boundaries, with one critic even calling it the “first black president of female-driven comedies”.

Kristen Wiig broke out from the film as a real star and it paved the way dozens of other fantastic female-led comedies. Such is the footprint it’s made, it’s become a huge franchise, spawning memorabilia and merchandise galore and even video games, including one of the most popular online slots on the market.

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Spinal Tap

Often labelled the funniest film of all time, Spinal Tap oozes genius. It’s the mockumentary at its very finest and set the bar for all those to follow.

Such is its accuracy, many bands found themselves replicating, with Liam Gallagher even believing they were a real band.

It’s produced some of the finest moments in movie history and to this day fans still want to see the gang get back together for one last rendition of Stonehenge, complete with miniature monument.

This Is Spinal TapIf a film ever deserved a rating beyond 10 out of 10, it’s the movie that turned things up to 11. Quite simply because it’s one higher.

Mockumentaries have followed on both television and in movies, and Spinal Tap will forever be the benchmark.

L’Arroseur Arrose

L’Arroseur Arrose

Dating back to 1895, L’Arroseur Arrose is thought to be the first comedy movie ever made and also the first ever to use a fictional story.

Known in English as the Tables Turned on the Gardener, the short film offers a simple plot in which sees a practical joke played on a gardener.

Naturally, it’s very basic, with the star of the film actually being the director’s real gardener, but put the wheels in motion for the industry we have today.

City Lights

City Lights on the other hand created one of the most recognisable characters in comedy.

The film, released in 1931, was written, produced, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin introduced us to The Tramp, one of the star’s most iconic roles and one of his finest movies.

It inspired a whole flurry of directors, with Orson Welles claiming it as his favourite and Stanley Kubrick placing it within his top 10.

Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing

Do The Right Thing was one of the most talked about films of 1989 and is to this day still discussed in both adult debate and in schools.

That’s because the Spike Lee movie, while a comedy, asks questions of society in so many ways.

The main subject matter is of how race effects different people’s lives in a small US community, with the film eventually seeing riots as the black community try to make themselves heard, understood and like they matter.

There’s an evenhandedness to it too. Sal, an Italian American sees his pizzeria burnt to the ground, but it’s the point that humanity is doing this to itself that stands out most, and many middle-aged, white, privileged critics seemed to ignore at the time.