After a long and relatively arduous journey to the big screen Gore Verbinski’s telling of The Lone Ranger for Disney is almost upon us and in anticipation of the new trailer (due any minute now) we’ve got a new poster to pour over.

Verbinski reteams with Johnny Depp as Tonto to Armie Hammer’s titular ranger and there’s a few more survivors from the Pirates shipwreck with the writing team of Ted Elliott and Terry Rossio on board as well.

It’s hard to say if this bodes well as the Pirates films are so far run into the ground that they’ll soon bump into Doug McClure near to the Earth’s core, and yet the presence of Hammer (whose turn in Mirror Mirror was unexpectedly decent) should provide a little distraction from the inevitable Depp-o-rama.

Anyhoo, enough yakking – here’s the poster, also check out the pictures Kenji put up yesterday here,