Now more than ever, your data and experience on the internet should be protected. We’re a very long way from the days of dial-up, usenet and bulletin board system to access the fledgeling worldwide web. In a relatively short space of time the internet has revolutionised our lives, created a streamlined experience and opened up many new worlds.

But as the advancement of technology grows, and the potential reach of that technology expands, so does our need to have the tools to best use it. The Internet is everywhere, and we benefit from it in numerous ways every single day. But with the rise of the Internet, issues such as security, censorship, and a safe, reliable connection become everyday concerns.

When people look for something to help with their Internet experience they often turn to a virtual private network or VPN. This is an external network you use to surf the Internet, one which can encrypt the data that is sent, change your IP address and provide an extra level of security to all of your online activities.

Nord VPN have been in the business of doing just this for many years, and they are one of the most trusted names in VPN circles.




You can click here to see all of the features they offer with their VPN services. And below you can take a look at some of the most important features to be looking out for when you’re considering getting a VPN for everyday use.

As many of these Internet experiences are ostensibly free, we have to remember the adage that if you’re not paying for it – you are the product. Your data, your Internet usage, statistics from how often you click to where you click and so on are increasingly profitable for someone. Usually not you.

While basic protection exists on many free services, because there is an increased risk when we go online of people stealing and using our data, we need to be reassured that our data won’t fall into the wrong hands. When the Internet started to become popular, and people were using it more at home, there was a real sense of freedom about what you could search for. There was no sense of concern that someone would be able to see what you were exploring online and exploit it. A VPN gives you that sense of freedom back.

This has become an ever more important issue in the last decade, as so many people are living more of their lives online. Remembering back 20 years and the notion of paying for anything using electronic money seemed not just futuristic, but fraught with danger. And it’s not just your personal financial data, it’s your social media data, your preferences when shopping – every aspect of your online presence should be protected.

Re-introducing you to the global community.

One of the most wonderful things experienced on the early Internet was the sense that you are connecting with people across the world. While today this is a regular occurrence, the fact is that as the Internet has grown and become more important in our lives some countries have put up walls to keep people out or to keep people in.

Because there was something ultimately democratising about the Internet at its inception any action which takes away that freedom can be seen as an act against our rights. A decent VPN will help restore some of that freedom.

It may be as simple as one of our readers being able to see a geoblocked movie trailer on YouTube, or it could be something far more important with certain countries blocking even the most basic of information sources.

Nord VPN is one of the leaders in restoring the openness and transparency of the Internet. With it you can regain that sense that information should be free and available to everyone.

Keeping you safe online.

Staying safe online is one of the most important aspects of our day-to-day experience on the Internet. A good VPN will advise you and block malicious websites, or caution you against visiting certain sites which will try and steal your data, or elicit personal information from you.

And there is something to be said for legitimate websites using perfectly ordinary means to hike up prices. For example, have you ever looked for a flight online and gone back a day later to see that the prices for the flights have now skyrocketed? This may be because the website remembers you and considers that your return to the shopfront means that you’re either definitely going to buy from them, or you’re more desperate, either way – the prices go up. With a VPN and the changing of an IP Address this will be a thing of the past.

As the Internet has grown and more possibilities have become available to us there are numerous reasons to use VPN for the very best experience there is out there. It’ll keep you safe, allow you to regain that freedom of the early World Wide Web, and for ease of mind you won’t have to worry about every footfall on the Internet being recorded and sold off.

The Internet should be a fun, safe and informative experience. Anything that gives you this every day is well worth looking into.

Check out Nord VPN to find the right experience for you. When it comes to a VPN the most important thing is trust, and you need assurance that the people you go with have been around for a long time and are dedicated to ensuring that you have made the right decision.