We were going to begin this article by highlighting the unfortunate relevance of Daniel Gordon’s latest documentary The Australian Dream – which takes a harsh and barbed look at the aforementioned nation’s problem with race, through the eyes of AFL legend Adam Goodes, who was subject to vile abuse from the terraces. But then there’s never not been a time when this tale hasn’t been pertinent, which is why it’s a film – and dialogue – that needs to be seen, and discussed.

We had the pleasure of doing just that, with the film’s subject himself, Adam Goodes, as well as with the director Dan Gordon. You can watch fascinating and moving interviews with both, in their entirety below. We should add, these interviews were conducted prior to the murder of George Floyd.

Watch the interviews here:


AFL legend Adam Goodes shares the story of his life and career to offer a deeper insight into race, identity and belonging.

The Australian Dream will be released digitally on 12th June, with a cast and filmmaker Q&A on the 14th June at 11:30am BST, available to watch live at theaustraliandream.co.uk