Here at HeyUGuys, we’re pretty big fans of Terry Gilliam, and one of the London Film Festival films we’re most excited about is his short, The Wholly Family.

So when we saw him walking past us at the Coriolanus premiere, we had to grab him for a quick chat.

HUG: As a feature director, what was it about doing a short?

TG: It was very simple. What happened was that, Quixote was what we were supposed to be doing last year…  When Quixote, for whatever reason didn’t happen, luckily [The Wholly Family] filled the hole up, which is a lot more fun than doing a full length feature.

HUG: Is there a possibility that you might be doing more shorts then, if you enjoyed it that much?

TG: I was actually thinking that it would be nice to do a couple more, and then put them all together and make an instant film festival.

So there you have it, Terry Gilliam would like to make more shorts, and while we’re yet to see The Whole Family (we’ll be doing so later this week), from the critical praise it’s received, we suspect that we’d like him to too.