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To celebrate the UK release of Divergent, it seems appropriate to rank the defining characters within the YA (Young Adult) movie sub-genre as audiences gear up to meet more new teenage faces.

With their relentless popularity and financial success, it seems everyone in Hollywood is keen to jump on the bandwagon and adapt a beloved YA novel to the big-screen, but some tales fare better than others, and some characters linger in the mind and cling to the heart more than others.

Here’s are selection of the ten greatest characters from the films monopolising the global box-office.

'John Smith'

10. ‘John Smith’ – I Am Number Four (2011)

Whilst the film itself didn’t blow everyone away, the arrival of alien-raced teenager ‘John Smith’ saw the birth of an interesting and smartly composed figure. Somewhat similar to Superman, Alex Pettyfer’s character is one of nine people gifted with special abilities, his homeland of Lorien has been destroyed and vicious enemies are scowling the cosmos to locate and execute the parade of mutants.

With a fake alias and a protector who is constantly jeopardising his chances of living a somewhat normal life, ‘John Smith’ tries his best to blend in, but soon falls accustomed to all the issues is high-school; particularly the gorgeous girl-next-door and the jock ex-boyfriend who plans to cause untold trouble. I Am Number Four was an entertaining, if clichéd, watch, but it presented audiences with a character who has much room to expand should a studio commission a sequel.

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