Strippers vs. Werewolves is released on DVD and Blu-ray 7th May and if you’ve not seen the trailer for this new unique movie, click here to have a watch. It has a cast which includes Ali Bastian, Martin Kemp, Billy Murray, Adele Silva and even Freddie Kruger himself, Robert England! It’s directed by Jonathan Glendening and Produced by Jonathan Sothcott and Simon Phillips.

The images below are concept art / original drawings for the movie which comes from the official Facebook page. You can also follow the official Twitter account here.

Martin Kemp is werewolf Mickey, accidentally killed in a strip joint by one of the dancers. Despite the club owner’s efforts to hide the body, news of the death reaches evil pack leader Jack Ferris, played by former EastEnder Billy Murray. The girls have until the next full moon before the baying wolf pack return to seek a bloody revenge.

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