Let’s be honest – Stranger Things may well have peaked with Dusty Bun & Suzie Poo’s Never Ending Story duet. Season Three of Netflix’s hit show was a joy, but its ending seemed to suggest that the long hot Hawkins summer may be almost over.

However, we’ve still got a missing Hopper, and miles to go between our, until this point, close band of monster hunters. This weekend saw Netflix celebrate everything Stranger Things, and we got a new trailer, as well as titles for the nine episodes of Season Four.

You can read the episode titles below, but if we’re being honest – it’s so much more fun to let them fade in and out with the music playing…

Here they are:

1. The Hellfire Club

2. Vecna’s Curse

3. The Monster and the Superhero

4. Dear Billy

5. The Nina Project

6. The Dive

7. The Massacre at Hawkins Lab

8. Papa

9. The Piggyback

Episode 8 looks it will contain the bulk of the feels, while its predecessor – the peaceful sounding ‘Massacre at Hawkins Lab’ suggests that the early footage we saw of other test subjects will be from this episode.

It’s still eight or nine months away but we already have one foot in Hawkins and can’t wait for our next visit to witness even more Stranger Things.

Here’s your new trailer.