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Rogue One may be the first standalone from the Star Wars franchise, meaning that it’s disconnected from the ongoing Skywalker saga, but it is still set in the galaxy far, far away and is very much a part of that world.

The plot, of course, deals with the Rebel acquisition of the Death Star plans right before the start of A New Hope, which not only ties into the wider story directly, but also brings in key locations – the Rebellion is already at home on its secret Yavin IV base – and characters – a bunch of the Rebellion top brass is there, as well as a famous Sith Lord.

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But, beyond all that, the film is full of countless Easter eggs and references to all manner of Star Wars elements, from the previous films to the TV series to even some things from the now-defunct Expanded Universe. Here’s a breakdown of the best twenty.

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Warning: while the discussion of the easter eggs will try and avoid explicit spoilers, in looking at background details from the film there may be some spoilers in the article. You have been warned.

20. Moisture Vaporators

Rogue One may not be a standard Star Wars film, with audiences thrown into it without a crawl, but from the very start it makes the world(s) feel familiar. Even though we’ve never seen a barren planet like Lah’mu before, there’s something instantly familiar we’ve seen in all trilogy starter films – moisture vaporators.

Uncle Owen was, of course, a moisture farmer, collecting water from the arid Tatooine atmosphere, and while Galen appears to be dealing with more traditional crop cultivation in his farming exile, he still makes use of a similar technology to Anakin’s “technically half-brother” (albeit of a slightly different design, which makes sense – the landscape is couldn’t be further from a desert).

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