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BosskThere are a plethora of bounty hunters littered around the galaxy, some gaining more notoriety than others, but few possess such an intimating look as Bossk. While his appearance in The Empire Strikes Back may have been limited, it was always clear that this was one bounty hunter not to be messed with.

His influence can be felt more through fellow bounty hunter Boba Fett, whom he actually helped raise and train to become an efficient and relentless tracker of targets.

Two famed bounty hunters certainly would have been welcome in the Star Wars universe, but the mark left behind by Fett is unmatched. Will Captain Phasma be able to take on that mantle next?

Mon Mothma

Mon MothmaIn a galaxy seemingly dominated by the male species, Mon Mothma’s influence within the Rebel Alliance is substantial and cannot be overlooked.

As Chancellor of the Rebel Alliance and one of the main founders of the newfound Rebel forces taking the fight to the Empire, Mothma’s position is one of huge significance and importance.

Under her careful guidance, the Rebels would prevail and she would continue as the Chancellor, following a stint as a Senator in the days of Padme Amidala.


GreedoAnother bounty hunter who left his mark on the Star Wars world is Greedo, a Rodian whose hiring by Jabba the Hutt would mean an early encounter with Han Solo.

With a dark, dingy corner of a Mos Eisley cantina the setting, one of the most talked about scenes in the film series would be created and a simple question repeatedly posed; who shot first?

It’s an argument that will rage on until the Ewoks pack up their spears and head into hibernation, but the fact is, Han did in the original cut. It wasn’t until Lucas’ Special Edition that Greedo was seen to shoot at Solo, before Han did what he does best. But we all know that the Special Editions are a load of twaddle, anyway…

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