According to Variety, Star Trek’s Chris Pine is now in negotiations to take on the role of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman, the 2017 movie which stars Gal Gadot. He’ll be her love interest basically, but the character has a lot of history, and is something of a fan-favourite character who could have a big role in the DCCU.

In the comics, Trevor was Wonder Woman’s love interest in World War II when he crash landed on Paradise Island and introduced her to the world. However, after that was retconned, he became her present day love interest and worked with Diana and the Justice League on behalf of the United States government.

There’s no word on which version of the character Pine will play as there have been a lot of different rumours about when Wonder Woman might be set, including World War I and the Crimean War.

Rumours have been swirling that Scott Eastwood had landed the role of Steve Trevor, but it turns out that he was only offered the chance to test for that part and instead decided to accept a guaranteed role in Suicide Squad. That makes sense for him as an up and coming young actor, but his character remains a mystery.

Patty Jenkins, who recently replaced Michelle MacLaren, is directing from a script by Jason Fuchs.