Well this is some fabulous news and I need to start calling in all favours at Paramount to see if I can get me a copy when this little puppy comes out but the official website has just announced that one of the best TV series of all time (that would be Star Trek the Next Generation!) will be remastered and re-released on Blu-ray with 7.1 DTS Master Audio. The first three episodes to get the HD treatment and given the title, ‘The Next Level’, will be the pilot episode ‘Encounter at Farpoint’ as well as ‘Sins of the Father’ and ‘The Inner Light called The Next Level’. The Blu-ray will be released in the US (and hopefully coinciding here in the UK) in January 2012 with season 1 being released later in the year.

The news comes from StarTrek.com who also have a great little video getting us all excited which I’ve embedded below. I have so many fond memories of watching Patrick Stewart as Jean Luc Picard and the rest of the crew of the Enterprise from the series. Other than the odd re-run, I’ve never caught the entire series in order ever since I first saw the 178 episodes on Sky One. Sounds like next year may be a good time to go through the lot again!

More info as we get it.