If you are a film director or producer, regardless of the size and type of production you are part of, you’ll know the importance of getting a professional service for all aspects of your overall project.

When it comes to film score, or soundtrack if you prefer, this is perhaps doubly true. A low-quality, ill-thought-out layout in this regard will mean your visuals will be hampered by a musical accompaniment that makes the whole process suffer as a result.

While part of your soundtrack will be served by music, either an original score or via musical output in the form of tracks and samples, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of sound effects on the potential success of your film or video creation.

computer editingWhat Are Sound Effects?

If a film’s score, when we single out a composed piece or the use of existing or new individual tracks, can be viewed as a great piece of music, the sound effects might be considered the rhythm section. It’s the heart of the film. If it’s not there or poorly constructed, then your audience will notice.

Sound effects can take the form of incidental sounds that occur in your production, aspects you might not necessarily record on your shoot, maybe weather phenomena like rain, thunder. In a horror movie, it might be a creaking door or a muffled scream. In an action thriller, it could be a screech of brakes or even an almighty collision.

These could be far less intrusive also. They could be as inoffensive but crucial, like footsteps, and they can also be a piece of directorial flair. Sound effects are helpfully used to mask and aid transitions in your film.

Sound effects can set the scene, your lead is being pursued in a forest, and he invariably steps on a snapping twig. It’s a knock on the door, a traffic jam. It’s basically any element within your production that needs to feel real.

A step up from these more common usages could be your attempts to use an entire soundscape made up of various elements to bring the audio aspects to life. This takes a trained ear and isn’t something you can just trust to luck.

computer editing timelineWhere Can You Get Your SFX?

Much as in your pursuit of a great soundtrack, where music licensing will become an area of consternation, we’d recommend that you look to secure a subscription with a royalty-free music provider.

Royalty-free music, sometimes incorrectly termed copyright-free music, essentially means music (and SFX, sound effects) available for an inexpensive one-off fee and is then available for pretty much any use you choose.

The rise in content creation in recent years has led to the emergence of a large number of royalty-free music providers, some better than others. This is due to an increase in channels where film and TV productions are displayed as well as a great reduction in associated costs relating to making a finished video.

You should shop around to find one that suits your needs best.

Artlist, an Undisputed Leader in the Field

 Any search for the best royalty-free music providers is likely to lead you to Artlist.io, and this is no surprise or happy accident.

Artlist is the most professional player in the royalty-free music space, hence their large customer base. Every aspect of their service is light-years ahead of the competition.

The size of their database, especially in the SFX market, is as impressive as the intuitive interface that you’ll use to navigate it. All their output is produced by experts and those who know the intricacies of film and TV production.This means that the plethora of SFX panels to select from will always be far more in keeping with the general requests that will arise from directors, editors and producers.

Artlist’s high-end SFX service has been put together by the best sound designers in the business, and the quality of the sound files themselves is unmatched, which makes adding them to your visuals a much simpler prospect.Their SFX price plans include many facets that further advance Artlist as the best location to shop for sound effects. These include unlimited downloads, a worldwide license, easy-to-use category filters and are available in many different formats.

Additionally, your subscription can be just SFX-based or part of a bundle that makes use of their overall royalty-free music service. It’s important to realize that these pros are not a given in the online SFX trade, and anyone who has tried other services will tell you that it’s very much a hit-and-miss service. Artlist has excelled in bringing the best quality audio service on all levels, and their competitively priced packages, split into relevant tariffs according to need, make using them as your sound providers something of a no-brainer.