With only a few weeks to go until we all fall asleep and get murdered by a scarred, crazy guy in a Dennis the Menace jumper,  in order to fuel the anticipation for Samuel Bayer’s rehash of Nightmare on Elm Street, New Line have shot out another trailer from their marketing cannon.

Before you clawfinger fans get all excited, this trailer is only slightly different to the last one, but if you really can’t wait for the film’s release then you can run the trailer over and over until sleep takes you. Jackie Earle Haley’s take on Freddy Krueger had better by more than the CGI wall diving/jump scares we’ve seen so far.

So turn out the lights, get comfy and never, no matter what, never feed them after midn…oh, wait – no, that’s a different 80s film isn’t it?
Anyway – here’s the trailer.