In the following video interview, Skyfall director Sam Mendes explains why exactly he decided to return to helm Bond 24 after numerous reports stated that he had decided to move on to other projects (despite the fact that he was responsible for the only movie in the franchise to top billion at the box office).

At around the 17 minute mark, Mendes explains that he, “felt there was a second part of a two-part story” after he introduced a new M, Q and Moneypenny, later revealing that hearing the first audience’s reaction to Skyfall (an “orgy of nostalgia”) during moments such as the return of the Aston Martin DB5 went a long way in persuading him to return.

At one point, there was of course talk of John Logan following up Skyfall with a two-part story which would shoot back to back. However, it now sounds as if those plans have been scrapped.

Mendes does reveal though that Bond 24 will feel like the second part of Skyfall, albeit without any direct narrative links to the previous movie. The Bond’s have always been pretty self contained, so perhaps that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise!

Daniel Craig is of course set to return, while a UK release date of October 23rd, 2015 has been set. Bond 24 opens in the US a little later on November 6th.

Source: Empire Online