We’re very fortunate in our job to be able to chat to many of Hollywood’s greatest and good. We’ve done a few different style of interview before but this one is up there as the most fun!

To celebrate the release of Florence Foster Jenkins this Friday 6th May, Stefan and I took on the challenge to sing opera (and nursery rhymes) with star of the movie (best known for his role as Howard in The Big Bang Theory) Simon Helberg.

Simon is an accomplished pianist as you may have seen in TBBT and as you’ll find out when you watch the movie. He was gracious enough to give up some of his very valuable time in an attempt to help Stefan and I learn to sing. As you’ll see from the image, it didn’t go so well!

Now for your viewing (and listening) pleasure, we give you the formation of our new band, Florence, Foster and Jenkins!

Keep tour eyes peeled for more (normal!) interviews in the coming week.