Earlier this week we had our first look at Star Trek Beyond, the third in the newly minted sci-fi series, with the release of the first trailer.

Replacing J.J. Abrams in the director’s chair is Justin Lin, whose well-known work in the Fast and Furious franchise was leaned heavily upon in the first trailer, to the annoyance of some fans.

It was an action-packed trailer to be sure, and given that we’re in an age of instant reaction/judgement (particularly for ‘first-look’ trailers) the disappointment voiced has been defended against by Lin, and now by the film’s writer, Simon Pegg.

At the European premiere for Abrams’ Star Wars The Force Awakens we asked Pegg about his feelings on seeing the trailer. His surprise at the tone of the trailer is clear, as is his wish that Star Trek fans understand that there’s ‘more to it than [the action].’

Here’s the clip, and you can check out all of our premiere interviews for Star Wars The Force Awakens here.

ย Simon Pegg at the Star Wars The Force Awakens Premiere

Skip to 1.14 for the Star Trek Beyond Trailer discussion.

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  • Jay Saturna

    Haha what a story Simon!

  • Lee Quessenberry

    I believe you Simon. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • ankushnarula

    I would love to believe him. But it’s Paramount… their continuing mission… to create new Star Trek properties… to seek out new audiences and streams of revenue… to boldly fuck with the hearts of die hard Trekkies like no one has fucked them before.

  • david

    Good god, you nerds will whine about anything.

  • ankushnarula

    Just Star Trek for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t you have anything in you life that’s sacrosanct? Some fictional narrative, sports team lineup, porn collection, etc?

  • tanstafl01

    Yeah, how about a story? ST into Darkness bored me to tears.
    If this is Hollywood storytelling, the ignorance is appalling. Sending the big E on a “mission” of revenge was ludicrous. Pretty pictures do NOT make a story. The acting was route, plot never above “See Dick run,” and total imaturity lead in everything.

    I live near DC. When Trek came on, Viet Nam was raging. Criticism of the war, even joking, led to cancellation of SmoBros, and two others I cant remember the names of. NASA HQ is here; my ex is a nuclear physicist who researched solar cells, Hewlet-Packard, Fairchild, AEC, NASA Goddard, all led American space research, and many scientists in space exploration watched ST. When word came out that a Space Shuttle was planned, Congress would not even consider the idea.Our ST Club of 75 had 12 PHDs in hard sciences, as well as astronomers from MIT, and the Naval Observatory. We organized petitions to be signed asking for the program to be funded. President Ford received 400,000+ petitions with hundred of signatures, two weeks before elections. And the shuttle took off. NASA was best friends with the public and the “Ivy Tower” was cracked. Many of us were inspired by the media presented by Trek. Nichel Nichols led minorities into space research. Sally Ride told me she applied to NASA after becoming a Trek fan. I met the Captain of the Enterprise and his senior crewmen for years afterward at conventions.

    Fandom launched more writers than you can imagine. We published fanzines in the hundreds. Artwork was incredible too.
    Creativity was rampant and flourishing. The hope and dreams Trek inspired seems beyond Adams and our current media.

    Ignorance is praised. Materialism is the big goal. Profiting has replaced personal accomplishment, integrity is something my children tell me is bogus. These 2 movies would not have been made back then.

    I really do not think anything will be done to improve current Trek.
    We live in a time where everything is dumbed down. It is going to
    stay that way. And it is a shame…