It’s been renamed to Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, bagged itself Brad Bird as director and is rumoured to be setting up a new, and Cruise-less, franchise and now some new on set pics have surfaced showing a few of the stars of the fourth M:I film in ‘action’.

ShockYa posted the pics online which feature Simon Pegg who is returning in his role as Benji Dunn, Tom Cruise, Paula Patton and director Brad Bird. Not a whole lot to get from the images but for those hardened M:I fans it’s a good look behind the scenes.

With new cast members Josh Holloway, Anil Kapoor, Lea Seydoux and Jeremy Renner joining Pegg and Cruise it’ll be interesting to see who survives to take this series into it’s next few films, and who will be Estevezed in the opening scene.

Here are the pics,