Whilst strolling around London earlier this afternoon, I stumbled across a film set. In and of itself, that’s hardly extraordinary, a lot of filming goes on in the city, most of it commercials, promos and music videos, but this looked slightly different. Getting closer the scale of the operation became clear – countless lighting and camera trucks, somewhere in the region of twenty 50 Kilowatt lights, and a series of enormous white screens propped up against the side of a building.

I found a security guard and asked him what was filming, ‘sorry mate, I can’t tell you’. This got my mind racing, trying to remember what I knew to be shooting in London at the moment; there was really only one possibility – Skyfall. I wandered around more, looking for confirmation. Over by one of the camera trucks, an operator and his assistant were using a clapper board for camera tests, but I couldn’t get close enough to read it. Then I stumbled upon a unit sign.

Mystery solved, I set about taking a few snaps of the unit that completely surrounded the building (see gallery below). Sadly I couldn’t sneak inside, but a bit of research online revealed that they were filming in 10 Trinity Square, and inside it looks like this

Sadly I couldn’t find any cast members to get pictures of, but to be honest, if you don’t know what Daniel Craig looks like as Bond by now, you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.