It’s bee a difficult year, and we’ve had to make do with virtual junkets for the most part, and needless to say they’re not quite as fulfilling as it is to meet somebody in the flesh. But in one of our final interviews of the year, came one of our favourite we’ve ever done, as we sat down (sort of) with Justin Long to discuss his nuanced new drama Safe Spaces, where he plays a college professor who is accused of being inappropriate in class.

It’s a film that is equipped with a vital component, which is of course nuance, a very non-judgemental production that asks many questions, but doesn’t seek to necessarily answer them. So we touched upon the themes of the movie within this fascinating interview, and how they resonate with modern society. We asked Long if he feels uncomfortable discussing the film in some ways, given how carefully it treads. From this comes a really interesting conversation tackling the themes at play such as how essential it is to listen to people in debates, while also delving into the online culture of trolls (and how you deal with them best) before we discuss Long’s future projects, including a movie he has co-directed with his brother called Lady of the Manor, and his vocal appearance in the upcoming Masters of the Universe animated series.

So it may be long (by name, by nature) but we do fully recommend you sit back and give this interview a watch. It can be seen in its entirety right here:


A professor spends a week reconnecting with his family while working to defend his reputation over controversial behaviour at the university.

Safe Spaces is available on Digital Download now and can be bought here.