There’s no doubting the impact Zombie Guru George A. Romero has had on the world of horror cinema, but his last few entries into the Annals of the Dead have had their faces bitten off by the zombie of diminishing returns somewhat.

Nevertheless there’s always something to look forward to when Romero returns his own infected well, and the latest chapter, Survival of the Dead is being released theatrically in the US on the 28th of May and in anticipation of this there’s a new trailer out.

Oddly the film has been available on DVD here in the UK for quite some time, so if this trailer excites you to the point of purchase then you can always check it out right now if you’re in the UK.

I’ve not seen it yet, but am looking forward to see if this one improves on the last film, the Diary of the Dead, and while I can wish for a Romero directed Resident Evil film I think these films will have to do.

There’s a full synopsis and a red band trailer available right here.

Here’s the trailer, all the way from Yahoo.