Mickey Rourke (so good as the battered and bruised wrestler in Darren Aronosky’s film) continues on the comeback trail with this intriguing-looking period romance, entitled Passion Play.

The Playlist have posted this image of both Rourke and his love interest in the film Megan Fox, who is playing an angel who hooks up Mickey’s jazz trumpet player as they both try to evade being captured by a ruthless gangster played by Bill Murray (who replaces young up-and-coming Brit star Toby Kebbell).

Featuring an eclectic supporting cast (alongside Murray, there’s the likes of Rhys Ifans, Kelly Lynch, Rory Cochrane, and Harold and Maude’s Bud Cort), the film is set to receive it’s world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival next month and may also mark the first time an audience actually get to see Fox give a decent performance.

Could be worth the ticket price alone.