Last night Red Dwarf returned to our screens for the first time since the supposedly final hurrah of Back to Earth in 2009.

Dave (the channel, not the Prime Minister) are the ones to heap thanks upon for bringing Red Dwarf back for a full six episode series and if you missed the first episode last night we’ve got a taster of the show below.

Thankfully Doug Naylor and his team have done away with the overblown theatrics of the eighth and ninth series and have gone back to basics with the original four cast members stepping back into the well-worn shoes of Messrs. Rimmer, Lister, Cat and Kryten. Personally I couldn’t be happier.

This clip won’t spoil you too much for the final episode suffice to say that when the boys come up short when surrounded by a Simulant attack fleet. We’d expect nothing less. Good to have you back.