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With The Martian now in cinemas across the world and receiving rave reviews, it’s the perfect time to look back on Sir Ridley Scott’s vast catalogue of work. Not everything he’s done has been a winner, but there are more than enough great examples of those which really were.

At 77 years of age, Scott is showing no signs of slowing down. He’s moving right from The Martian to his Prometheus sequel, the first in what sounds like a trilogy of movies leading to the events of Alien. Oh, and he’s producing Alien 5 and Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner 2.

So, what are his ten greatest films? Here you will find our ten favourites, but be sure to hit the comments section below to let us know what yours are. Plus, when you’re finished reading through this, check out our interviews with the cast of The Martian by clicking here.

10. G.I. Jane


G.I. Jane isn’t Ridley Scott’s best reviewed film, but it’s still miles ahead of some of his other work, particularly recent releases like The Counsellor and Exodus: Gods and Kings. However, unlike those, there’s a lot to love about this one despite its occasionally formulaic approach to the story.

Much of that has to do with Demi Moore’s superb performance as a woman undergoing training in a U.S. Navy Special Warfare Group, and the general story – at least from a thematic standpoint – holds up surprisingly well even today.

With a well publicised lack of movies with female leads, G.I. Jane is well worth revisiting, and the upcoming Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman movies could do worse than turning here for some inspiration.

9. Kingdom of Heaven

The theatrical version of Kingdom of Heaven was met with an understandably tepid response when it was released in 2005, but the Director’s Cut made a huge difference.

Adding around 45 minutes of footage, the previously quite unremarkable characters and story were now fleshed out in a significant way, even adding some significant new elements to the movie. Perhaps Kingdom of Heaven’s biggest flaw was Orlando Bloom’s performance, but given more of a chance to shine in this different version of the film, even that benefited.

Ultimately, this Crusaders set sword and sandal epic didn’t quite live up to Gladiator, but that makes it no less enjoyable (even if the three hour run time is a bit much).

8. Prometheus


Prometheus was billed as an Alien prequel, and when it failed to deliver on that promise, fans of that 1979 classic were understandably disappointed. Throw in the fact that it suffered from endless comparisons to that movie, and it’s easy to understand why it was so divisive.

However, looking beyond that, and there’s a lot to love about Prometheus. Plot holes be damned, this visually stunning movie – and one of only a handful of 3D releases since Avatar in 2009 to use the format well – was packed full of incredible performances (Michael Fassbender stole the show in every scene he appeared in as the android David) and some great gross out moments easily rivalling Alien.

Bring on the sequel, Alien Paradise Lost…

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