Rhys Ifans - The Amazing Spider-ManJunket interviews are can often be quite frustrating. Sometimes you get lucky, and people open up, and talk openly about interesting things that have happened on their film, but far too often, no matter what you ask an interviewee, they’ll stick to a pre-arranged script and simply give the same answer they had already planned out.

Of course most of the time, you’re not interviewing Rhys Ifans, with a handy prop in the room.

For Ifans, one of the more interesting challenges of playing Curt Connors in the Amazing Spider-Man was working with one arm. Obviously the VFX team did the legwork (armwork?) when it came to painting out the real limb, but that’s only half the story. During our interview, Ifans talked about the techniques he used to sell their efforts, including holding a weight, and spending time with amputees.

He also mentioned learning to tie a tie with one arm, and with one of those around my neck, it seemed silly not to suggest he show me. Check out the video below.

The Amazing Spider-Man is released in the UK 3rd July.

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbDos3-ASX4′]