Before I start this post with the words ‘This is a trailer for a Serbian film’, notice that I’m not capitalising the three words – this is a far cry from Srdjan Spasojevic’s taboo eviscerating horrorshow.

Tears for Sale was directed by Uroš Stojanović in 2005 and hit the festivals a few years later, and is finally coming to DVD in the UK on the 20th of September and I wanted to share its charms with you in the form of this trailer.

The press notes compare it to Gilliam, and evoke the works of early Jeunet & Caro and thus ensure that I have to see it, so I’m hoping to report back good things when I get my hands on a copy.

Here’s the not so brief synopsis,

It’s the 1920s in post-World War I Serbia and the remote village of Pokrp is facing a serious crisis. Many years of warfare have resulted in the decimation of the village’s male population, leaving the womenfolk love-starved and desperately craving a man’s touch, companionship and attentions. When beautiful, virginal, twenty-something sisters Ognjenka (Katarina Radivojevic) and Little Boginja’s (Sonja Kolacaric) attempts at experiencing the pleasures of the flesh result in the unfortunate accidental death of the village’s sole surviving male – the elderly and near catatonic Grandpa Bisa – they are condemned to death by the other women. The sisters manage to gain a temporary reprieve by promising to set out on a quest to find and bring back to the village within three days one virile man. At stake if they fail are not only their own lives, but also the very soul of their departed grandmother, which has been summoned from beyond the grave by the village witch as collateral to ensure their return. Their search sees them fortuitously crossing paths with two travellers, a slick dance-hall dandy known as the Charleston King (Stefan Kapicic) and a circus performer calling himself the Man of Steel (Nenad Jezdic). Naturally falling for the men, Ognjenka and Boginja decide they want them for themselves, but mindful of the threat to their grandmother’s soul they agree to fulfil their promise and deliver their newfound beaus to the women of Pokrp…

So, without further ado here’s the trailer, and because I just fancy it I’ve included a trailer from Jeunet & Caro’s The City of Lost Children and Gilliam’s Brazil.

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