Are you sick of movie franchises you’ve already seen more than enough of being brought to television? Well, tough luck! The latest to get the small screen treatment is Rambo, with Sylvester Stallone executive producing the series which has been titled Rambo: New Blood.

Deadline reveals that they’re hearing conflicting information about whether or not the Creed star is going to end up starring in the series, but considering the fact that it’s going to be about Rambo and his son, chances are that he’ll end up making some sort of appearance. Stallone has played the character in four movies so far, but there are no plans for a fifth.

Written by Jeb Stuart (The Fugitive), the Rambo TV series apparently pays homage to the films, exploring the complex relationship between Rambo and his son, J.R., an ex-Navy SEAL.

J.R. isn’t a character who was ever used in the movies, but he’ll obviously be the new younger lead here to entice viewers to the series, with Stallone likely to make regular appearances for longtime fans. This actually isn’t the only TV series the actor is working on, with some sort of Expendables event series also being developed as of right now.

Rambo: New Blood is the latest in a long line of TV shows based on movies, with Cruel Intentions, Lethal Weapon, Training Day, and others all on the way over the next few years.