Friends! This evening finds us in Leicester Square for the UK premiere of Gary Shore’s Dracula Untold. Luke Evans leads our film with Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Samantha Barks joining him in this new light which they have cast over the famed vampire legend.

In many ways this is Dracula Begins, with its focus on Vlad before all the impaling happened and become a millstone around his moniker. Evans is doing well for himself and early word is that the film succeeds in bringing something new to the big screen. In fact, why not read our review? It’s here.

Below you’ll find our red carpet interviews conducted by Amon Warmann and Colin Hart, then below is a playlist of our one-to-one interviews with the cast of the film.

In the interview with Producer Alissa Phillp, she talks about how Dracula Untold was adapted to fit into the brand new Universal ‘Monsters’ reboot. Check it out below.

Luke Evans

Sarah Gadon

Producer Alissa Phillps


Gary Shore

Diarmaid Murtagh


Our junket interviews with all the cast are here.