Here’s a nice little Easter egg from the short which sites in front of Toy Story 3, called Day and Night.

If you’ve not seen Day and Night, it’s rather a hard one to explain but basically has two characters who are have translucent bodies, one shows all things day, and one all things night. When they meet, they show one another the highlights of what it’s like to be a day, and a night! At one point, Day watches an open air , night-time cinema and Pixar have released a still frame fmo the short which shows a bunch of Cars (or Cars 2 in this case as a nod to their movie coming out next year) watching a film.

Pixar have revealed  (on their official Facebook page) that the film they are watching is another nod to the same TV show that the 101 Dalmatians watched back in 1961.

The weird thing is that the movie isn’t the same, but looks similar. Why didn’t they use the same one? I know very little about animation but would it be difficult to get the original masters and pull that out to be used again in a digital animation? Maybe some clever HeyUGuys readers can answer that one for me.

You can see our interview with Pixar’s Steroscopic Advisor, Bob Whitehill, talking about the 3d in Toy Story 3 and Day and Night here.

Anyway, have a look at the below:

Thanks to Brendon from Bleeding Cool for spotting this one.