ExM_1To accompany the theatrical trailer for Extraordinary Measures which was released last week, here’s the new International version of the trailer. We’ve also got some new images which I’ve embedded below and you can click to enlarge. Extraordinary Measures is directed by Tom Vaughn and stars Harrison Ford, Brendan Fraser and Keri Russell. It’s set for release 26th February 2010.

Extraordinary Measures is inspired by a Wall Street Journal article recounting one man’s remarkable efforts to save his children from a life threatening disease. Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser star as the brilliant but unconventional scientist and the passionate father who form an unlikely alliance in pursuit of a medical miracle. Keri Russell portrays Aileen Crowley. Harrison Ford is executive producer and in fact brought the story to producers Michael Shamberg and Stacy Sher after reading Pulitzer prize-winning writer Geeta Anand’s Wall St Journal article on the Crowley’s.