People Just Do Nothing

Starting off as a cult show, People Just Do Nothing has grown hugely in popularity over the years, and is now making its big screen bow, in the hilarious film that takes Kurupt FM all the way to Japan. We had the huge pleasure of speaking to the leading cast-members to discuss this cinematic endeavour. Don’t miss our chats below with none other than Grindah and Beats (Allan Mustafa & Hugo Chegwin) and Chabuddy G and Steves (Asim Chaudhry and Steve Stamp). We talk about Kit Kat, sausage rolls, Jose Mourinho and the Brentford Leisure Center wave machine.

Allan Mustafa (MC Grindah) and Hugo Chegwin (DJ Beats)

Asim Chaudhry (Chabuddy G) and Steve Stamp (Steves) 


Since the end of their pirate radio station, life has been quiet for the Kurupt FM boys, but everything is about to change. News reaches them that one of their songs has been used on a popular game show in Japan. They’ve made it. Their music is reaching hundreds of thousands of people. It’s finally time for them to enjoy the fame and fortune that they’ve always known they deserved.

People Just Do Nothing: Big in Japan is out in cinemas now.