News doing the circuit this morning reveals that Paul Bettany is currently in talks to take on the role of Prince Philip on Netflix’s runaway success The Crown for its third season.

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Olivia Colman has already been secured to take over the crown jewels from the phenomenal Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth the second as the young royals age in the next instalment of life behind palace walls. Helena Bonham Carter is also said to be in place to play Princess Margaret, replacing Vanessa Kirby.

After Matt Smith has owned the role of Philip since the show first aired with dominance its been hard to picture anyone else in the role but Bettany could sure give Smith a run for his money. It is also rumoured that Martin Sheen and David Tennant are also in line for the role. Our money is going to Bettany for this monumental job.

According to Netflix chief Ted Sarandos, the plan is to have the period drama run for six seasons following the Queen’s story throughout her whole life – each season representing a decade. As a result, the plan has always been to shake up the casting every two seasons with older actors taking on the roles. Foy was only ever set to play the young Queen for two seasons.

The second season of the show picks up the story ten years into Elizabeth II’s reign and focus on the pressure of the job, particularly on Prince Phillip and Princess Margaret’s unconventional love life.