A charming smile-inducing trailer for the comedy The Wilde Wedding starring Glenn Close, John Malkovich and Patrick Stewart with a head full of hair – who even knew that was possible – has arrived.

The trailer focuses on the days leading up to Eve Wilde’s (Glenn Close) fourth marriage to Alcott (Patrick Stewart), who plays a writer who seems to have added some special hair growing fertilizer to his shampoo to produce an almost afro-like head of gray hair. Inviting along her first husband played by John Malkovich, who is partial to a drink or three, the group of family and friends share a few charmingly funny moments together as Eve starts to have second thoughts, thanks to Malkovich, on her pending nuptials.

The Wilde Wedding

Vertical Entertainment’s co- president Rich Goldberg has previously stated what a joy it was to have the three stars attached to the production with the chemistry between them being a dream.

Here’s a little montage of Patrick Stewart’s hair that we couldn’t resist making!

“The chemistry and comedy between Glenn Close, John Malkovich, Patrick Stewart and the incredible ensemble cast is a dream for us and for audiences everywhere,”

The Wilde Wedding is directed by Damian Harris and also has a cast of Minnie Driver, Jack Davenport, Yael Stone, Peter Facinelli, Noah Emmerich and Grace Van Patten co-star.

The Wilde Wedding Synopsis

Eve Wilde, a now-retired film star who is getting ready to marry husband number four, the acclaimed English writer Harold Alcott (Stewart), after a whirlwind courtship. But on the long summer weekend before the nuptials, the couple are confronted with their romantic pasts in the form of Wilde’s first husband, played by Malkovich, and their collective families.