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The majority of films we watch are disposable. Films that are enjoyable on first viewing, serve their purpose but offer little incentive for us to return and re-examine. Every now and again however a film comes along that challenges us, whether it be through a surprise twist or because of its heavy symbolism, making us question what it was we just saw in front of us.

In this article we are going to take a look back at 10 of the most mind bending films, films that require repeat viewings, perhaps even several repeat viewings just for us to get our heads around them.

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Released in the UK earlier this year and now available on DVD and Blu Ray the second collobaration between Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve is a curious puzzle box of a movie which will have left many audience members scratching their heads.

The film, which focuses on a history lecturer Adam meeting his doppelganger, an ambitious actor deals with various challenging themes including masculinity in crisis, sexual politics and dictatorships to name a few.

The film, which at first appears to play out like a typical doppelganger thriller throws a huge spanner in the works in its final scene when Adam goes to talk to Anthony’s partner only to discover she has turned into a giant spider.

The film’s ending is open to interpretation and I could write a whole separate article on my own theories but this is exactly why the film needs a second viewing. Knowing the ending makes you more observant and slowly but surely the pieces begin to fall into place.

Two viewings may not even be enough for this film- the screen is littered with symbolism and metaphor and is so intricately done that chances are there are still a lot of details I’ve missed despite having now seen the film four times in an attempt to get my head around it.

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