Making an appearance at Comic-Con is an annual essential for Peter Jackson and his merry band of Hobbits, Dwarfs and errant wizards and this year was no exception, allowing long-expectant fans the chance to catch up with the team before the unexpected journey unfurls itself at our cinemadoorstep before the end of the year.

As principal photography on the films has just been completed there’s no better time to take another walk in Middle Earth courtesy of a new production video blog from Jackson. These early glimpses of the film are a fascinating insight into the film and, contrary to most teasers and trailers, increase anticipation for the finished film rather than thrust all the good bits at you in a bid to confuse you into paying your money.

This new video is another shining example of the love and care for Tolkien’s world and provides, as usual, one or two less canonical moments on set. Enjoy.

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