So, here are the first pics to fly out from the Bulgarian set of Marcus Nispel’s big screen adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s barbarian hero, known to the world as Conan.

Coming to us via Latino Review and Quiet Earth these pictures apparently came from a crew member whose eclectic eye for their photographic choice of subject makes for a curious collection of images – but most importantly we have our first look at Jason Momoa as the titular hero, blurry though that look is.

You may know the director Nispel from his recent remake of Friday the 13th, but his Fighting Viking movie Pathfinder is probably the best indication of what we can expect from his take on Conan.

Jason Momoa’s casting was a subject of much discussion, and Arnold Schwarzenegger has some mighty big sandles to fill, so this look is all important to Conan fans as their first assessment of Momoa’s suitability.